DETOX Copper Set


This set included:
– 1 copper tongue scraper.
– 1 copper water cup.
– 1 zipped cotton storage case.
– 1 advice card.

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Description Tongue cleaner

This copper tongue cleaner is an everyday object in Ayurveda. It removes « Ama » (toxins) deposited on the tongue when you wake up. These toxins are the result of digestion which ends during the night and goes up the walls of the digestive tract to settle on the tongue. Upon awakening, it is advisable to scratch very lightly in a few gentle movements, the white layer deposited on the tongue before brushing your teeth, taking its copper water or any food.

MANUAL: In the morning and before any other practice, scrape the whitish layer on the center and on both sides of that if necessary. Keep a soft and light gesture. Do not scour. Then rinse it under running water and wipe dry after use. Once a month, run it in lemon water to prevent it from oxidizing.

COMPOSITION: 100% pure copper. Goblet handcrafted in India.

Description Water cup

This pretty copper water cup allows you to start your Ayurvedic detox routine.

MANUAL: The night before – Boil weakly mineralized water, filtered, reverse osmosis or, failing that, that from the tap (since copper and its anti-microbial properties help in the purification of water). Pour it in and store it in your copper Detox Cup.

In the morning – On an empty stomach and after cleaning your mouth, drink the water from the cup at room temperature or slightly warmed in a double boiler. The absorbed water should then be eliminated before taking any solid food.

During the day – it is advisable to drink hot (boiled) water in small sips one hour after each meal to aid digestion.

ITS BENEFITS: This ancestral Ayurvedic ritual, called “ushna apana cikitsa” (meaning “which heals the lower body) helps to detoxify the body. heated water for purifying and cleansing benefits, copper protects the body.

FOR WHO? For all constitutions, you should know that the amount of water to drink may vary according to each. The unbalanced “Kapha” or “Kapha” profiles should drink less, the Vata and Pitta constitutions can drink a little more.


COMPOSITION: 100% pure copper. Goblet handcrafted in India.


The set comes in its cotton storage bag.


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